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dinsdag 17 mei 2011

Mama Appelsap

So this next post is only funny for Dutch people I guess..
If you do not speak or understand Dutch, this will be less funny for you (or not funny at all).
But still, it was too awesome to not post it.

So Mama Appelsap is basically a collection of songs from all over the world, mostly well known songs, in which you can distinctly hear Dutch words and/or phrases (most of them don't make any sense though).
The text is written on-screen during the songs, so it will be easier to hear it.
It is hilarious!

Here's a compilation of the best songs:

If you want more, just search for 'mama appelsap' on youtube!
Bit of a short post this time, but more coming soon!



2 opmerkingen:

  1. hahaha...theezakje....
    als je de engelse tekst niet kent is het nog leuker!! Wie heeft ze allemaal bijelkaar gezocht zeg?????

  2. Ik zou het niet weten, maar de persoon die dit verzonnen heeft is een genie :P