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zaterdag 23 april 2011


Hey Guys!

A very short post for today :) I was working on something else, but it took too long for my taste and I've got more to do :) So perhaps tomorrow or the day after that, you'll find another post here :)

Anyway! I just saw the new Smosh video and it was Awesome :D
Kind of nostalgic for me since it was about the Pokémon gameboy games.
I used to be a enormous Pokémon fan ( I had tons and tons of collectibles and trading cards) but sadly, I outgrew it.. That, and I needed room for my Star Wars collection.

Anyway, back to Smosh!
If you do not know what Smosh is, it is a youtube channel on which two guys post funny sketches and stuff like that. You really need to check them out!

Here's the latest video:

If you are new to Smosh, here are some more awesome videos:

(Playing with Guns)

(Evil Fortune Cookie)
(the woman at the end is Ian's mom by the way(for those of you that did not know))

And of course:


That will be all for now :)
More posts coming soon!


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