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vrijdag 28 oktober 2011

Youtube Video's

There are about a bazillion Youtube video's out there, but some of them are way more awesome than others. I have gone through the painstaking task of selecting several video's for you which I consider to be AWESOME!

Let's start with the best quote ever:


Then, who doesn't like Pikachu?
Well, here's the voice actress that gave Pikachu it's well known voice!


Next we have an amazing practical joke pulled on several couples who went to the movie-theater to enjoy a show together. I really would not like to be in their shoes!


And now for the three best video's of this blog post!
There is this youtuber who puts out amazing video's of him doing all kinds of crazy stunts.
The video's I've posted below are compilations of his video's with some epic music added to the mix. They are amazing, so I suggest you subscribe to the youtube channel of the guy who is rightfully called: ''The coolest guy in the world''

The guy calls himself AZO on youtube.
Here's a link to his channel:


That's all for now my loyal slaves.. Ehm I mean readers.
I always mix those up...
Anyway, bye bye for now!


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