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donderdag 11 augustus 2011

Harry Potter

NO SPOILERS!!! Don't worry!! (be happy)

Even though I won't say anything about the latest movie (Except that it was AWESOME)... the final film is the reason why I'm writing this blog post.
Like many of you out there, Harry Potter has been a huge part of my life.
My father read the first book to my sister and me, only weeks after it was first published in 1997 (you know, before it went mainstream). 
Because I was seven years old at the time, and my sister almost 5, he had to translate it for us into Dutch while reading it in English himself (the Dutch version came out a year later). When the second book came out, in 1998, we would have to wait almost a full year for the Dutch version, so the same thing transpired. 
I believe I did read the third one in English by myself, but I'm not sure.
At any rate, having to wait for a full year after each book was incredibly hard, and the thrill of finally being able to read a new book, after a year of waiting, is greater than anything I've felt since. 
(One exception might have been the release of Star Wars episode II and III).
With each new book, all four members of our family had to fight over who got to read it first. That is something no other book has ever done to us. Nobody was (seriously) hurt by the way.

When the first film came out (which blew my 11 year old mind) a new cycle of excruciatingly long waits joined with the books. I'm very glad that all films turned out great (except perhaps the Order of the Phoenix, which in my opinion should have been half an hour longer to add more depth to the characters (old and new ones). It was still awesome though!).
Since the movies were so good, it wasn't the end of the world for us when the last book was published, since we still had the movies to look out for. Having the last one split in two added half a year more of Harry Potter, for which I am grateful (because they both turned out great!).

When you spend a lot of time watching Youtube video's (like I do, especially when I have lots of other things that need to be done) you will have noticed many youtubers putting out video's about how Harry Potter has changed their lives completely, and how sad they are that it is finished.
How did they affect my life you ask? Well, they made sure I started to enjoy reading (not only Harry Potter books mind, I also enjoy Dan Brown books, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and all Star Wars books).
And my enjoyment of reading is one of the main reasons I started writing.
In case you didn't know, I am an amateur writer of science fiction and fantasy stories (nothing published yet..).

(I bought this set of all HP hardcover books recently.)
(I always read my sister's copies!)


Like I said before, many people are sad to see the end of Harry Potter. I have mixed feelings about it though. On the one hand I'm sad to see such a great string of books and movies come to an end, but on the other hand I'm glad. I'm glad that all movies got made with all the original characters staying true to the films. I'm glad all movies turned out to be AWESOME (even though some could have been better). I'm glad that I've been able to enjoy the Harry Potter experience in a way that new generations can never have: having to wait for a next book/film and the extra joy it brings when you finally get to read/see it.

But what comes next?
Well for one thing, we have the complete box of Harry Potter movies to wait for.
I already own all of the films on DVD, but I'm definitely going to buy them all on Blu-Ray as soon as they appear.
Then there is the special edition box set which is bound to come, like the Hogwarts Castle that came with the first six movies. (Picture below).
(Thinking of buying it someday).

I have some sources which tell me that the castle is back in production, but I can't say for sure.
What I can say for sure, is that Amazon.fr has a special edition coming out, see picture below.
This special set suggests that amazon.co.uk and amazon.com will also have their own exclusive sets. Let's keep our fingers crossed on that one!

Another thing we can enjoy ourselves with is the Harry Potter Theme Park called: ''The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter'' in Universal studio's Orlando (U.S.A.)
Sadly, I live in the Netherlands, so I have no way of getting there without an expensive airplane ticket. However, I fully intend to visit the Hogwarts Castle there (picture below) and the town of Hogsmeade.

And finally, there is Pottermore: An online reading experience of which nobody really knows what it will be.
I am happy to announce that I have received early acces into Pottermore to check it out before it is free for the whole world to enjoy come October. (Yaay!)

So don't you worry, the books and movies may be done, but Harry Potter is in no way over!

How did you experience Harry Potter? What are your feelings about the end of this era?
Let me know in the comments below! (No spoilers about the last movie please, I don't want to have to remove comments)


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