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zondag 27 maart 2011

Think Geek

For my second post I thought I would share an AWESOME website with all of you :)

So basically it is this awesome web-store from the United States that sells all kinds of crazy, cool, funny but mostly awesome stuff.
All items come with hilarious but very extensive descriptions. It is a great website to browse around in and often laugh your arse off by just reading the product descriptions. Whoever made this site must have the best job in the world!
Here are some of my favorite products:

A Star Wars 'space slug' oven mitt
Which I guess is only funny if you have seen 'Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back' 
(Which I believe should be enforced by law)

A special Math Clock wich has a unique way of telling you the time.

A 42 towel

If there ever was something I MUST have, that would be it.
(Never be without your towel again!) 
(Seriously, watch 'The Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy.' IT IS AWESOME)

Something I can imagine seeing in my sister's home later:
A bloody shower curtain

Creepy, but awesome
(Seriously, who would use this?)

A coaster
(That has to hurt)

A Star Trek pizza cutter
Even though I am more of a Star Wars fan than Star Trek, this is still very awesome

I saw the next one in a tiny shop in some city in either England or Germany (my brain is a mess sometimes)
Kitchen knife set
I hope my future wife has a sense of humor so that I can actually buy one of these awesome knife holder sets.
(among other crazy stuff from this website)
It is also available as a pen holder =)

Magic wand
It is magic because you can light candles with it with a simple flick of your wand (no not THAT wand.. the one in the picture. You dirt minded person!)

(I suppose it won't work on a bonfire hûh? )

And last,but not least:
A freshly risen Garden Zombie
I don't think I have ever seen something as awesome as this!
This is the BEST house warming gift you can give to a friend or relative :)
I guess you won't need a guard dog with one or two of these in your garden.

During twilight (as in this picture above) it looks pretty real actually. Not that I have met many zombies to compare this one with, but I suppose this is what a zombie would look like :)
If this were in my garden, it would scare the crap out of me at night :p

That's all for now folks! 
Keep watching my blog, because I shall be posting a lot more in the next few weeks!
(in theory)


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  1. Whahahaha OMG that zombie is AMAZING you have to buy it for my b-day :D think mum would mind? and hahaha yeah those shower curtains are awesome too xD